Sunday, June 26, 2005

Examine the Interference

When you have done your best and something frustrating happens, instead of being dicouraged, examine the interference. It may mean improvement. Thorvaldsen, the famous Danish sculptor, looked with satisfaction on a finished figure of Christ he had made out of clay, with face looking toward heaven and arms extended upward. It was the imperious ([im'piEriEs] adj. 专横的) figure of a conqueror. That night, sea mist seeped into the studio, the clay relaxed, the head and arms dropped. Thorvaldsen was bitterly (['bItElI]adv.苦苦地, 悲痛的, 厉害的) disappointed. But, as he studied the figure, something about it moved him deeply. Now Christ loooked down with love and compassion. This was a greater conception. That statue, Come Unto Me, became immortal.


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