Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gloom Drivers Prosperity Away

Gloom ([glu:m]n.阴暗, 阴沉v.(使)变阴暗, 优伤地说, 繁荣) drivers prosperity ([prCs'periti]n.繁荣) away. Prosperity shies away from (躲避 离开 羞于)dark and negative thoughts, veering (['viEriN]改变的 犹豫的 顺时针方向转向, 特指使船尾转向上风来改变航向) off from minds filled with pessimism (['pesimizm]n.悲观, 悲观主义) and doubts. So think bright thoughts and attract prosperity. Note that the word scarcity (['skZEsiti]n.缺乏, 不足) is built upon the word scare([skZE]v.惊吓, 受惊, 威吓n.惊恐, 恐慌, 恐惧). Be careful not to think scarcity and so scare prosperity away. Think plenty and stimulate (['stimjuleit]vt.刺激, 激励v.刺激, 激励) abundance.


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