Wednesday, June 22, 2005


During the Civil War, a man once stayed overnight at the White House in Washington. In the middle of the night he awakened suddenly and thought he heard Lincoln's vocie, as though in pain, somewhere nearby. He jumped up, went out into the dimly lit hall and, walking slowly in the direction of the voice, came to a door left ajar. Peering (peer [piE] n.同等的人, 贵族vi.凝视, 窥视vt.与...同等, 封为贵族)in, he beheld the lanky(lanky [‘lANki] adj.瘦长的) from of Lincoln prostrate(prostrate[prCs’treit] adj.降伏的, 沮丧的, 衰竭的, 俯卧的vt.弄倒, 使屈服) on the floor in prayer, arms outstretched. Lincoln was humbly(adv.谦恭地)beseeching(恳求)God to strengthen him against his sense of inadequacy. Lincoln knew he needed the great gift of God -- "My peace I give unto you" -- so he sought and prayed for it with all his mind and heart.


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