Friday, June 24, 2005


Talking with Herbert Hoover in his later years, I asked him he had been able to endure all the hostile (['hCstail]adj.敌对的, 敌方的n.敌对) criticism (['kritisiz(E)m]n.批评, 批判) and hate that was heaped ([hi:p]n.堆, 大量, 许多vt.堆, 堆起v.堆积=High-Explosive Armour-Piercing 高爆穿甲(弹))upon him during his last months in the White House. He said, "I'm a Quaker([5kweikE]n.教友派信徒, 贵格会会员), you know..." and reminded me that Quaker are taught from childhood to practice and develop inner calm. " When you have peace at the center, the trying(['traiiN]adj.难受的, 费劲的, 令人厌烦的) experiences cannot overwhelm you.


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