Sunday, July 03, 2005


Thomas Edison is supposed to have made a curious remark which is fascinating: "The chief function of the body is to carry them brain around." That is to say, you are what you think and your life is determined by what goes on in your brain. The brain is the center of thought, memory, feeling, emotion, dreams, prayers, faith; in short, it is the creative and directing center of the entire person. The body may become old, feeble, suffer disability; but so long as the brain is clear and in working order, so long do you really live.

1. Fascinating: ['fAsineitiN] adj. 迷人的, 醉人的, 着魔的;
Fantastic [fAn'tAstik] adj. 幻想的, 奇异的, 稀奇古怪的, 荒谬的, 空想的
2. Feeble: ['fi:bl]adj.虚弱的, 衰弱的, 无力的, 微弱的, 薄弱的


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