Friday, August 19, 2005

Be With You Always

Some people shrink from going to places that remind them of their departed loved ones; others shrink from doing things that they once did together with others, especially as husband and wife. This is understandable, because it can sharpen the sense of physical loss. The antidote is to remind yourself that the loved person is not only still with you in a spirtual sense but is far more constantly with you than was possible when he or she was alive. When my wife, Ruth, telephoned to tell me my mother had died, she said:"I know you will find this hard to believe right now, Norman, but your mother is going to be with you and nearer to you from now on to a far greater degree than she ever was before. In the past, you have always made plane trips to be with her for a few days or even a few hours. Now she can be with you always." This was true and, once I was able to grasp it, my sense of grief and loss was vastly diminished.


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