Thursday, September 15, 2005


Some persons simply refuse to grow old. I like that eighty-year-old man told me:
What's wrong with being eighty years old? It isn't how long you've been around; it is what you've done with you've been around. Sure, I've been in the world eighty years. But I don't have an old philosophy. I do not think old thoughts. I happen to own the business I run. But I can still run it all right. When I find some bright young fellow who is as smart as I am, I'll step down. Don't think because I have a game leg that I can't handle the business. You don't ren a business with your leg but with your head. And my head is okay. I don't intend ever to get old. I know there will come a time when my obituary will be in the paper, but I will have had the time of my life all my life.


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