Monday, September 19, 2005

A Salesman's Story

A salesman who from being a loser became a winner, told me how he did it:
I went to church one Sunday in a small town where I had to wait over until Monday. In the sermon, the pastor came up with this idea: " You are never going to get the most out of life until you give living all you've got. Don't wait for living to give something to you; you give something to living." This was a new idea to me, exactly what I was not doing. It was as if a door opened in my mind. I had an entire new image of myself and decided I would give living everything I had. So, first thing next morning, I got up earlier than usual, took out the list of people I was going to see that day, and prayed for every one of them. I got to the first store before it opened. I helped the man open up and made my first sale before I would normally even had been up. And I had a wonderful day all day long. It was like magic! All along I had been expecting life to give me something and it hadn't been doing it. Now I was giving something to life and it was giving wonderful things back.


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