Friday, October 14, 2005

Dreams of the Future

It's good to keep our dreams of the future and the thrill of going somewhere ever luring us on. When I was a newspaper reporter, my eiditor wrote a piece I've kept for years:

As a boy of fourteen I stopped Old Bess in the furrow where I was trying to cultivate my father's cornfield. The field was near the railroad track which crossed a trestle. I took off my cap, wiped my brow, and looked up at the fast train of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad. At every window, as the train sped on, was someone going somewhere. I had never been anywhere, but then and there I made up my mind that someday I would be on my way. I have been on my way ever since, but there are still many places to go, so many fascinating things to see and do. The train went around the bend. But the dreams of a boy, as the twilight came down, are the dreams I have today. The future beckons with the same mystic allure. It was so in the cornfiled; it is so now.


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