Monday, October 31, 2005

Remember Beauty

Ever practice remembered peacefulness? I think of a favorite spot in Switzerland, remembering how, at evening time, the snows on the mountains change coloring from brilliant gold to mystic purple and then fade into the dark. I think of a night on the China Sea when mists veiling the face of the moon were blown aside by a gentle breeze to allow long, silvery shafts of moonlight to fall on limpid waters. I think of a night at Srinagar in the Vale of Kashmir, where the sound of singing boatemen came across the lake on the surface of which water lilies floated. Once in my doctor's office, my pulse and blood pressure readings were taken. "Well!" he said, "that's fine. You have learned to live calmly." I told him the technique of remembered beauty to help promote tranquillity. He nodded. "Good, that helps in keeping healthy."


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