Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Are Greater Than You Think You Are

A tornado swept throught a northwestern city doing great damage. A mother there, confined to her bed because of infantile paralysis, paralyzed from the waist down, at the height of the tornado became alarmed for her two small children in the next room. There was no one to help; the tonado was striking the house with force. Her limbs were assumed to be without power, but concern of the safty of her children was stronger than her limitation. Slowly she got out of bed and painfully she made her way into the adjoining room. Taking her babies in her arms, she walked with them out of the house. Love proved more powerful than the paralysis from which she had been told she might never recover. Some people become paralyzed, not in their limbs, but in their thoughts. They accept limitations by saying, "That is all I can do." But that depriciating the self-appraisal is not the turth. You are greater than you think you are.


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