Saturday, July 02, 2005

Spiritual Giant

There is a spiritual giant within each of us telling us we need not remain enslaved ([in'sleiv]v.奴役, 沉溺, 束缚) by weakness or victimized (['viktimaiz]v.牺牲) by frustrating limitations. The giant within you is always struggling to burst his way out of the prison you have made for him. Why not set him free today?

Friday, July 01, 2005


What' s hope? Hope is wishing for a thing to come ture -- faith ([feiW]n.信任, 信念, 宗教信仰, 忠实, 保证, 诺言, 约定) is believing that it will come true. Hope is wanting something so eagerly (adv.热心地, 急切地) that, in spite of all evidence that you're not going to get it, you go right on expecting it. And the remarkable thing is that this very act of hoping produces a strength of its own.

Thursday, June 30, 2005




Five-day Mental Diet

Here is a five-day mental diet. It's good for healthy-mindedness. It will help give you a great day everday:

First day: Think no ill about anybody -- only good about everybody.
Second day: Put the best possible construction, the most favorable ([5feiErEbl]adj.赞成的, 有利的, 赞许的, 良好的, 讨人喜欢的, 起促进作用的) interpretation, on the behavior of everybody you encounter or have dealing with.
Third day: Send out kindly thoughts toward every person you contact or think of.
Fourth day: Think hoperfully about everything. Immediately cancel out any discouraging thought that comes to mind.
Fifth day: Think of God's presence all day long.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gloom Drivers Prosperity Away

Gloom ([glu:m]n.阴暗, 阴沉v.(使)变阴暗, 优伤地说, 繁荣) drivers prosperity ([prCs'periti]n.繁荣) away. Prosperity shies away from (躲避 离开 羞于)dark and negative thoughts, veering (['viEriN]改变的 犹豫的 顺时针方向转向, 特指使船尾转向上风来改变航向) off from minds filled with pessimism (['pesimizm]n.悲观, 悲观主义) and doubts. So think bright thoughts and attract prosperity. Note that the word scarcity (['skZEsiti]n.缺乏, 不足) is built upon the word scare([skZE]v.惊吓, 受惊, 威吓n.惊恐, 恐慌, 恐惧). Be careful not to think scarcity and so scare prosperity away. Think plenty and stimulate (['stimjuleit]vt.刺激, 激励v.刺激, 激励) abundance.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The only way you can rid yourself of a thought or thought pattern is by displacement -- by putting another thought in, by substituion or thought-switching. If you entertain in mind a defeat thought, a discouragement thought, a frustration thought, or any negative thought, practice thought substitution. Deliberately ([dI'lIbErEtlI]adv.故意地) open the mind and substitute the contrary thought pattern, one positive in nature. Such thought conditioning ([kEn'diFEniN]n.[心]条件作用,训练) can change your life.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Brother Lawrence's Secret of the Good Life

Brother Lawrence, a saintly character of the Middle Ages, was a humble man, a cook and a great spiritual discoverer. His secret of the good life was the practice of the presence of God. He believed that always, at any hour of the day or night, in whatever circumstances or condition, the Lord is actually present.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Examine the Interference

When you have done your best and something frustrating happens, instead of being dicouraged, examine the interference. It may mean improvement. Thorvaldsen, the famous Danish sculptor, looked with satisfaction on a finished figure of Christ he had made out of clay, with face looking toward heaven and arms extended upward. It was the imperious ([im'piEriEs] adj. 专横的) figure of a conqueror. That night, sea mist seeped into the studio, the clay relaxed, the head and arms dropped. Thorvaldsen was bitterly (['bItElI]adv.苦苦地, 悲痛的, 厉害的) disappointed. But, as he studied the figure, something about it moved him deeply. Now Christ loooked down with love and compassion. This was a greater conception. That statue, Come Unto Me, became immortal.